Organic Pet Food


CANZ - Countrypet Naturals

Since 1964, the CANZ concept has thrived on a simple formula: Animals do best on their natural diet, and even today, as CANZ products satisfy customers on 4 continents, we still find inspiration in the bond between New Zealand farmers and their trusted canine companions.

At CANZ, they know how much you love your pets, because they share your affection for their companion animals.  For the people at CANZ, that love was born in the lush countryside of New Zealand, where working dogs help tend livestock on one of the last pristine landscapse on earth. From this free range setting comes the wholesome foods and treats are meat eaters crave.

These farmers produce free range (year round) lamb, beef, venison and organic free range chicken of unrivaled quality and they wouldn't dream of feeding their dogs less than the best. Their commitment to natural nutrition is ours as well. That's why our foods & treats have no antibiotics, added growth hormones or artifical preservative.Just all natural ingredients, 95-100% meat with no fillers.

Of course, the ultimate proof is in our products themselves.
Look for our rolls and bags of meaty goodness in you nearest grocery or petfood stores!